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Detective Agency in Najafgarh

Private Detective Agency in Najafgarh

Private Detective Agency in Najafgarh


The person who works in a Private detective agency or is hired by someone else is called a private investigator. The company that provides that detective will be called a detective agency. Private detectives do different types of work and aggregate different types of information about candidates for marriage, missing people, murder cases or tricky divorce situations, etc.

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Now we will discuss the types of tracking methods.                               

  Contract Tracing

The investigators of private detective agency in Najafgarh can also find out his data base, which is generally not provided to people. like their credit card payments, debit card payments, payments made through any app, pizza delivery payments, etc. Our expert investigators have many contacts, which makes it easier for them to collect this type of information. With the help of all this information, case-solving time gets reduced, the person can be reached as soon as possible.

Asset Checking

Through asset checking, we get to know about the property of a person, how much property he has, and how much he has kept hidden. This is required more in cases like divorce case compensation and fraud insurance case, if any. In business, to find out if any employee is committing fraud, etc. we need to check the time. If you hire our best detective agency. Then our company will provide you with the best asset case experts who will handle your case with professionalism. They also provide you with good results without wasting your time.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking is the best method to track someone. If you have any suspicions about someone or want to keep an eye on someone’s daily routine, then this method is best for you. If you want to do this, then you can use any detective. If you hire our detective agency in Najgarh, you will have to update the news as per your requirements, daily, weekly, or monthly. This service will be provided to you as per your needs. These services are very costly, but if you hire our private detective agency, we will charge a low fee for our clients.

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