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Detective in Delhi

Which types of services detective agencies provide in Delhi?

Introduction of Detective agency in Delhi

Do you need to find the answers to enigmatic puzzles or secret realities? Detective in Delhi is the best detective agency in the city and should be your first choice.

Our specialty at Delhi detective agency is offering discrete, all-inclusive, and effective solutions for a range of investigative requirements. As a team of forensic specialists, seasoned investigators, and legal advisors, we take great satisfaction in solving riddles and handling cases with the highest discretion and precision.

Detective agency in Delhi/India provide a broad range of services to meet a variety of purposes, from private to business investigations. Below is a detailed summary of the many services that detective agencies generally offer:

Matrimonial Investigations:

Pre-marital background checks: Confirming financial, professional, and personal information to guarantee openness before to marriage.

Post-marital inquiries: Looks into behavior patterns, possible adultery, or facts that may be hidden after marriage.


Physical surveillance: Keeping an eye on people’s where about, interactions, and activities in order to subtly collect information or confirm facts.

Electronic surveillance: Gathering pertinent information through the use of technology (e.g., GPS tracking, phone tapping, etc.).

Corporate Investigations:

Employee background checks include character evaluations, previous employment history verification, and credential verification.

Theft of intellectual property: Examining cases of copyright infringement, patent theft, or company secret theft.

Due diligence is the process of confirming possible mergers, acquisitions, and business partners in order to reduce risks and assure credibility.

Missing Persons Investigations:

Finding missing people: Tracking for relatives who have vanished under dubious circumstances, escaped minors, or lost themselves.

Tracking down witnesses: Recognizing and identifying witnesses who are important in court cases.

Financial Investigations:

Asset tracing is the process of locating and registering assets for either private or legal purposes, such as fraud trials or divorce settlements.

Investigating financial irregularities, embezzlement, or other fraudulent activity is known as fraud investigation.

Background Checks:

Verifying someone’s identity, background, and reputation for either personal or professional use is known as a personal background check.

Employment background checks: Verifying prospective hires’ credentials, work history, and criminal histories.

Cyber Investigations:

Cybercrime detection involves looking at instances of identity theft, online harassment, hacking, and fraud.

Digital forensics: the retrieval, examination, and preservation of digital evidence for use in court.

Legal Support:

Collecting pertinent evidence for legal proceedings through study, surveillance, or interviews is known as evidence collecting.

Finding witnesses and getting their statements or testimonies for legal processes is known as “witness locating and testimony.”

Personal Security Services:

VIP protection is the provision of security and defense to prominent people or public figures.

Risk management and threat assessment involve evaluating possible dangers and creating security plans for people or organizations.

Undercover Operations:

Entering groups or organizations in order to obtain information about cults, illicit activity, or questionable practices.

Sting operations: Creating circumstances to apprehend people who are involved in illicit activity.

Detective agency in Delhi work within the law and use a range of investigative methods and instruments to deliver accurate and trustworthy information. These services are available to individuals, corporations, law enforcement agencies, and attorneys.

They provide assistance in solving puzzles, settling conflicts, and supplying essential data for making well-informed judgments. Every service is customized to match the unique requirements of the customer while upholding legality, ethics, and secrecy throughout the course of the investigation.

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